Judith Hurlburt specializes in

the language of action and change.

Judith uses specialized language training, and wisdom from her work and personal experiences to teach you “what to say” and “how to say it” in order to successfully navigate changes with family members, with friends and acquaintances and at work.


FamilyFamily Members

  • Partners learn how to talk to one another about unexpected and desired changes.
  • Parents learn how to talk with their children about death and other losses.
  • Parents learn how to talk with their teenagers resourcefully, and remain calm.
  • Members learn how to ask for support around chronic disease, trauma, and end of life.


friends joy 5Friends & Acquaintances

  • Friends learn how to have “difficult” conversations and remain friends.
  • Adults learn how to talk to friends, and coworkers to build support around chronic disease or losses.  
  • Volunteers learn how to talk to one another and work together with commitment and joy.


work 5At Work

  • Bosses and managers learn how to talk with employees to build trust and teamwork, meet deadlines, improve productivity, and address personal issues.
  • Employees learn how to talk to their bosses about workplace and personal issues and job changes.
  • Co-workers learn how to talk about workplace issues respectfully.