About Judith

Judith and daughter, JoyJudith Hurlburt is a dynamic, longtime educator and change agent of children and adults in public and private schools, in agencies and businesses, and in one-to-one relationships. She is known for her energy, creativity, integrity, and passion for learning and teaching.  In addition, Judith has a keen capacity for perceiving issues from different perspectives and for creating, supporting and delivering new possibilities and profound changes.

Judith supports clients through unexpected life changes like:

  • changes in family structure through moves, new jobs, death, divorce, separation, and birth, adoption, infertility or miscarriage,
  • changes in friendships or relationships at work,
  • job losses and career changes,
  • changes in physical abilities and confidence due to chronic disease, or accidents.

She also supports clients through desired changes and new possibilities like:

  • building healthier relationships in families, among friends, and at work
  • finding a job,
  • creating workplace, job and career changes,
  • rebuilding a satisfying life after being diagnosed with a chronic disease or an injury,
  • building a family through adoption.

In addition to her Masters Degree in Education, over 120 days of formal training in Neurolinguistic Programming, and training as a Grief Recovery Specialist, Judith also draws on her life experiences as:

  • a teacher of preschoolers through college and adults in multiple settings,
  • as a national curriculum developer,
  • a successful project grant-writer,
  • a multimillion dollar systemic change project developer and director,
  • adoption consultant,
  • business consultant,
  • board member for several organizations, and
  • an individual change coach.

Judith is a passionate traveler, mother of a recent college graduate, and adventurer when she has time.